VIDEO TUTORIALS is designed to guide students with study materials in the form of both text and videos. The experienced faculties work with LK Group provide video materials to learn and practice the subjects. The video tutorials will cover all the papers needed for specific courses. We provide videos of teaching courses such as D. Ed, B. Ed, M. Ed, Special Education B. Ed, Pre-primary TTC, Montessori TTC, B.P. Ed and M. P. Ed and other courses. You can login with your ID and password and get unlimited access of video lectures.

What Do We Provide
  • Exam oriented videos
  • Subject tutorials

The website is built to provide E-material resources for students. Here you can access classes and notes for D. Ed, B. Ed, M. Ed, Pre-primary TTC, Montessori TTC, B. Ed in Special Education, B. P. Ed, M. P. Ed, LLB LLM and other courses provided by us. We are equipped with a team of professional faculties to help with notes and exam-oriented materials favourable to attend the examinations. The E-materials will be provided to enrich your knowledge and help you with passing examinations.

What Do We Provide
  • Syllabus
  • E-materials (PDF and lecture notes)
  • Model question papers